Aurora Corporate documentation

List of cookies used

Aurora Corporate uses a number of cookies for storing information. Below you'll find a detailed list of cookies used in the product.

  • AuthToken
    Holds an authentication token, transmitted with every web API request for current user.
  • DeviceId
    Used for device identification, was introduced in TwoFactorAuth module for device management purposes, it's sent with every web API request even if 2FA isn't used.
  • checkCookie
    Temporary cookie used for checking whether cookies work correctly, removed right after the successful check.
  • aurora-lang-on-login and aurora-selected-lang
    The language selected by user on login screen, the first one's memorized and used even if user subsequently selects different language in their account settings, the second is only needed for passing info on server, and is removed afterwards.
  • aft-cache-ctrl
    Used for caching purposes when message is opened in another tab/window.
  • oauth-scopes & oauth-redirect
    Used for integration with Google, Dropbox etc.
  • auth-error
    used by Recaptcha module, if authentication error occurs.
  • InvitationLinkHash
    if user signs up with an invitation link mechanism used.

  • aurora-mobile
    Used when mobile version is enabled, either automatically or by adding ?mobile as URL parameter.
  • skip-ios
    set when you decline adding contacts/mail on iOS prompt screen, so that screen is not displayed again.