Aurora Corporate documentation

Office document viewer

Default viewer

To view files of office document formats such as .DOC or .XLSX, Aurora Corporate uses an online viewer from Microsoft.

If you experience issues with viewing those files, you can try switching to a viewer from Google.

In data/settings/modules/OfficeDocumentViewer.config.json file, set ViewerUrl value as follows:

"ViewerUrl": [
    "URL of external web service used for viewing files"

To make it work with preview pane in Files, you may need to set a slightly different value:


Please note that in either case, your Aurora Corporate installation needs to be accessible over the web, so that online viewer can have access to it. Viewer from Microsoft is also known to fail at displaying the document if your Aurora Corporate installation is accessed via IP address rather than domain name.

OnlyOffice Docs viewer

Starting from v8.8, Aurora Corporate offers OnlyOffice Docs integration - and if you have office document editor configured, OnlyOffice Docs will automatically be used for viewing documents as well. Be sure to disable default viewer, by setting Disabled to true in data/settings/modules/OfficeDocumentViewer.config.json configuration file.

Additionally to office document formats (.DOC, .DOCX, .ODT, .XLSX and so on), the viewer also supports:
• PDF and XPS documents;
• RTF, TXT and CSV files;
• HTM, HTML and MHT web pages;
• FB2, EPUB and DJVU e-books.

The complete list of formats supported by the viewer is a combination of ExtensionsToView, ExtensionsToEdit and ExtensionsToConvert lists found in data/settings/modules/OfficeDocumentEditor.config.json file.

In Files, it's possible to configure the integration so that OnlyOffice Docs is used just for viewing documents, not editing. See Configuring OnlyOffice Docs for viewing documents for more info.