Aurora Corporate documentation

Schedule sending mail

This feature allows you to send mail out at a later time rather than immediately upon clicking Send button.

NB: This module is included into the product starting from version 9.5.2.
If you're running a previous version, you can add this module as described here.
The feature requires setting a cronjob (see below).

To enable the feature, edit data/settings/modules/MailScheduledMessages.config.json configuration file and set "Disabled" to false there. Once that's done, you'll get an additional "Schedule sending" dropdown option at "Send" button:

Schedule sending

Upon selecting this option, you'll get a popup asking when you wish the message to be sent out. You can configure predefined message scheduling options by editing "PredefinedSchedule" configuration file setting.

Schedule sending 2

You'll notice an additional Scheduled folder created in your account, and a message will be stored there scheduled for delivery at a specified date and time. You can cancel sending message out from there:

Schedule sending 3

For this feature to work, modules/MailScheduledMessages/Crons/send-scheduled-messages.php script needs to be run every 5 minutes. On Linux, that's typically done via cronjob, run crontab -e and append the following line there:

*/5 * * * * php /var/www/aurora/modules/MailScheduledMessages/Crons/send-scheduled-messages.php

Make sure you supply the correct path for your Aurora Corporate installation.

On Windows, you can use built-in scheduler, or a crontab alternative.