Aurora Corporate documentation

User signup on DirectAdmin

Generally, Aurora Corporate allows for accessing existing email accounts only; creating new mailboxes on mail servers is not available in the product as it's not supported by standard email protocols. Still, it's possible to implement user signup by integrating with specific server software directly. As of version 9.7.0, it is available for Aurora Corporate installed on DirectAdmin.

You will need to edit data/settings/modules/MailSignupDirectadmin.config.json configuration file and supply the following settings:

  • "Disabled": set to false to enable the functionality;
  • "DirectAdminURL": specify URL of your DirectAdmin installation, e.g.;
  • "AdminUser" and "AdminPassword": credentials of DirectAdmin administrative account;
  • "UserDefaultQuotaMB": default mailbox size in Mbytes.

If the configuration file is missing for some reason, try pressing "Update configuration" button in Database settings screen of adminpanel.

Signup itself is configured in a different file, data/settings/modules/MailSignup.config.json. Normally, you'll only need to set Disabled to false there, and supply a list of domains, e.g.:

"DomainList": [
    ["", "", ""],
    "Defines list of domains signup feature is available for" 

All the domains supplied need to be hosted by this particular DirectAdmin server, and the domains must be listed in "Mail Servers" section of Aurora Corporate admin interface - the default approach with just one server and empty list of domains works too.

URL for signup page is obtained by appending #signup to the installation URL. For example, if you have Aurora Corporate at the signup page would be and the interface would look like this:

Mail signup on cPanel

To complete the registration, user needs to supply display name, login and password. If DomainList has more than one entry, user can select one of those domains from the dropdown list. Upon successful signup, user will be redirected into their account in Aurora Corporate interface.

NB: It is strongly recommended to enable reCAPTCHA module to prevent from automated signups.

While by default there's no link for signup page anywhere in Aurora Corporate interface, you can add it to the bottom of login page. That's achieved by editing HTML text in BottomInfoHtmlText setting in data/settings/modules/StandardLoginFormWebclient.config configuration file.