Aurora Corporate documentation

Sharing files and folders

In Aurora Corporate, users can share files and folders between each other. In version 9.3.2, sharing with user groups was implemented. One group is always available, it's called Team and it always contains all the users of the Aurora Corporate installation, or limited to current tenant in case of multi-tenant environment.

While groups are available in Aurora Corporate when you setup a blank install, those who upgrade from previous version of the product will need to enable groups functionality manually, that's done by setting "AllowGroups" to true in data/settings/modules/Core.config.json configuration file.

With the groups feature enabled, administrator can create multiple groups and add users to groups. It's possible for the same user to be in several groups.

User groups

Management of user access permissions allow for fine-grained control on who can access the file or folder.

User shares

There is a special "no access" permission that allows for making sharing exceptions. If you wish to share a certain file to entire group except for a certain user, you'll need to add that user with "no access" permission.

In version 9.4 we've added a feature of sharing encrypted files with teammates. It was only possible to share file to individual users, assuming you have their OpenPGP key stored in your personal contacts.

As of version 9.6, once the user adds their public key, it automatically gets stored in Team contacts, and everyone in the team can use it to share encrypted files with that user.