Aurora Corporate documentation

Getting started

Aurora platform consists of two main parts: Aurora framework and modules. Aurora framework is a part which manages modules and wraps all API request handlers.

The second part of platform is a group of specific modules. These modules provide functionality you can interact with using PHP API or Web API.

If you used the instructions for getting the latest code, you may have noticed composer.json file. It contains list of modules which will be installed during composer install task. You can change this list, add or remove definitions of modules from it. Also you can add module from archive by unpacking into corresponding folder. But you have to run several build tasks if new module has a web part, for example, JavaScript or CSS code.

The next level of module management is configuring module via configuration file. Every module has such file. And all these files are stored in data/settings/modules/ directory. The simplest configuration parameter is Disabled. You can toggle any module by setting this parameter to true or false value. Other parameters are module-specific and must be considered in corresponding documents.