Aurora Corporate documentation

How to uninstall

If you wish to remove the product from the system it was installed to, the procedure in the particular case would depend on how it was installed.

Standard installation method

If the product was installed from ZIP package, you can simply remove the files from the directory it was unpacked to, nothing else needs to be done.

If you have created a database for the use with Aurora Corporate, you can drop it using MySQL command-line client, tools like PhpMyAdmin or database manager offered by control panel software you use.

Mail server edition

Currently, there's no way to uninstall the product, other than reinstalling the operating system.

Plesk package

To remove APS package installed on Plesk system, navigate to Applications section of your website management interface, locate Aurora Corporate in the list and click "Remove".

If you have administrator access to Plesk and have uploaded Plesk APS package found at our website, you can remove it under Server Management > Tools & Settings > Applications & Databases > Application Vault.

Ubuntu/Debian package

If the product is installed from our APT repository, run the following command:

apt purge aurora-corporate

The above assumes the standart Debian/Ubuntu package was installed. In case if this is about Nginx package, first you need to remove the product:

afterlogic-nginx remove

and then you can remove the installer package itself:

apt purge afterlogic-nginx