Aurora Corporate documentation

Dark theme

In version 9.6 of Aurora Corporate we have added Dark theme which can be selected from the list of themes in account settings.

Dark theme

It can also be selected as a default one in admin interface of Aurora Corporate installation:

Dark theme - admin

Dark theme isn't in the list of themes

If you have upgraded from previous version of Aurora Corporate the new theme wouldn't be listed there indeed, you'll need to adjust the product configuration.

Modify /data/settings/modules/CoreWebclient.config.json configuration file and add "DefaultDark" entry under "ThemeList":

    "ThemeList": [
        "List of themes available"

I still see white background

The absolute majority of email messages these days are HTML, and they have their own background. Aurora Corporate keeps the original background color of the emails. Currently, there's no good way to automatically recolor arbitrary email messages to make them Dark theme compliant, if such a method becomes available in the future we'll consider adopting it.

That's also why we've kept white background on composing mails, so they show in exact same way upon viewing. For unifications reasons, plaintext messages are shown with white background, too.