Aurora Corporate documentation

Adding global signature for outgoing mails

It's possible to configure Aurora Corporate installation so that the same message is appended to all the outgoing mails for all the users of the installation.

To do that, you need to install the following module: Global signature plugin

NB: This doesn't affect per-user signature which can be set by users themselves in Settings > Email Accounts screen under Identity tab.

Instructions for installing a module can be found at Adding modules documentation page.

However, since this particular module doesn't have a front-end part and is purely server-side, there's a simpler way which doesn't require using Composer, Npm and Gulp:

  • Download ZIP of the module:
  • Under modules directory of Aurora Corporate installation, create MailGlobalSignaturePlugin subdirectory
  • extract content of aurora-module-mail-global-signature-plugin-master directory of ZIP archive into subdirectory you've created
  • click "Update configuration" button under Database Settings screen of Aurora Corporate admin interface

Now you can supply the signature in data/settings/modules/MailGlobalSignaturePlugin.config.json config file, "Signature" setting.