Aurora Corporate documentation

Installing from virtual machine image

Aurora Corporate is available in several editions. One of them assumes you download virtual machine image and deploy it on your system using virtualization software. This approach allows for testing the product extensively without affecting actual infrastructure, and this package can be used as actual mailserver bundle setup for production purposes.

The package is shipped in .OVA format which is widely recognized and can be used on a variety of virtualization software. We have tested this with VirtualBox 7.* and it may work with other solutions such as VMWare Player. Note that the package is based on 64-bit version of Ubuntu Linux, so the virtualization platform needs to be able to support that.

Download the package and import it into virtualization platform. After running the virtual machine, you should see the login prompt. Default username is ubuntu and password is P@ssword99. Enter sudo su to get superuser access.

Once Aurora Corporate is deployed in virtual environment, you should be able to access it using IP address as URL, with /adminpanel/ appended to it, default admin login is superadmin, with an empty password.

The first thing to do once you log into adminpanel is to enter your license key. Once the license key is in place, you should be able to add domains, create user accounts, modify interface settings and configuration options, etc.